Volume 5

Linguistics Beyond and Within 5 (2019)


1. Bartłomiej Biegajło Explaining IT programming concepts using NSM explications: The case of ‘variable’ and ‘constant’ (pp. 7-16)
2. Kateryna Bondarenko Slang in animated cartoons: Translation peculiarities (pp. 17-28)
3. Izabela Jarosz Verb-particle constructions in Cognitive Linguistics perspective: Compositionality behind selected English phrasal verbs (pp. 29-45)
4. Eszter Kárpáti and Judit Kleiber But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Meaning construction in medical encounters (pp. 46-60)
5. Hanna Kędzierska How does foreign accent affect template matching mechanisms? ERP evidence from Polish (pp. 61-74)
6. Joanna Kolbusz-Buda Dephrasal adjectives in Polish – A case of syntax-inside-morphology (pp. 75-89)
7. Aleksandra Zofia Kowalczyk Semantic transfers in the domain of foodstuffs (pp. 90-102)
8. Paul Meara Steady as she goes? A bibliometric analysis of L2 vocabulary research in 1987 (pp. 103-119)
9. Minako Nakayasu Spatio-temporal systems in Chaucer’s language: A discourse-pragmatic analysis (pp. 120-134)
10. Adam Świątek The art of non-verbal communication in perlocutionary giftedness (pp. 135-147)
11. Anita Viszket, Alexandra Hoss, Eszter Kárpáti and Gábor Alberti Recalculating: The atlas of pragmatic parameters of developmental disorders (pp. 148-160)
12. Ewelina Mokrosz and Sławomir Zdziebko Review of Various Dimensions of Contrastive Studies by Bożena Cetnarowska, Marcin Kuczok and Marcin Zabawa (eds.), Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, 2016 (pp. 161-192)

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