Volume 4

Linguistics Beyond and Within 4 (2018)


1. Man-ni Chu and Jia-ling Syu Acoustic analysis of monophthongs, diphthongs, and triphthongs in Mandarin for 3- to 5-year-old children with articulatory phonological disorders (pp. 7-21)
2. Elke Diedrichsen Cognitive mechanisms and emergent grammatical features in Internet memes (pp. 22-37)
3. Judit Farkas and Krisztina Karácsonyi Pre-D non-possessor positions in Hungarian (pp. 38-50)
4. Joanna Grzybowska The use of abbreviations by superscript letter in an early fifteenth-century manuscript of the Wycliffite Bible (pp. 51-62)
5. Dorota Jagódzka Auxiliary clitics in Polish (pp. 63-78)
6. Daniela Katunar and Ida Raffaelli Grammatical underpinnings of lexicalization patterns in Croatian, English and French: The case of [N PP] constructions (pp. 79-91)
7. Zaal Kikvidze, Rusudan Gersamia and Maia Lomia Patterns of phonosemantic reduplication in Kartvelian (south Caucasian) languages (pp. 92-107)
8. Paul Meara Laying the foundations: A bibliometric analysis of L2 vocabulary research in 1982-1986 (pp. 108-128)
9. Ida Raffaelli and Barbara Kerovec The concept of ‘touch’ in the formation of the Croatian and Turkish lexicon: The example of tactile verbs (pp. 129-140)
10. Leonardo M. Savoia, Benedetta Baldi and M. Rita Manzini Sigmatic plurals in Romance varieties spoken in Italy and their interaction with -i plurals (pp. 141-160)
11. Anna Szeteli and Gábor Alberti The interaction between relevant-set based operators and a topic–predicate dimension (pp. 161-172)
12. Tamás Vraukó Code switching and the so-called “assimilation narrative” (pp. 173-181)