Volume 2

Linguistics Beyond and Within 2 (2016)

From the Editors:


1. Gábor Alberti, Judit Kleiber, Zsuzsanna Schnell and Veronika Szabó Intensional profiles and different kinds of human minds. “Case studies” about Hungarian imperative-like sentence types (pp. 6-26)
2. Anita Buczek-Zawiła Do they understand more? Turkish EFL speakers perception of sentence stress in English (pp. 27-43)
3. Enrico Cipriani Some reflections on Chomsky’s notion of reference (pp. 44-60)
4. Susan Erdmann and Barbara Gawronska Being at home: Global citizenship in Norwegian schools. A study of children’s poems (pp. 61-76)
5. Blaženka Filipan-Žignić, Vladimir Legac and Katica Sobo The influence of the language of new media on the literacy of young people in their school assignments and in leisure (pp. 77-96)
6. Alla Kalyta Text rhythmic system: Its energetic and subliminal potentials (pp. 97-110)
7. Ewa Kucelman Exemplification in academic discourse structure (pp. 111-125)
8. Elżbieta Mańczak-Wohlfeld English-Polish contrastive grammar at Polish universities (pp. 126-138)
9. Paul Meara Two steps backwards: A bibliometric analysis of L2 vocabulary research in 1984 (pp. 139-152)
10. Larysa Taranenko Prosodic organization of English folk riddles and the mechanism of their decoding (pp. 153-166)
11. Ib Ulbaek Second Order Coherence: A new way of looking at incoherence in texts (pp. 167-179)
12. Åke Viberg Asking and answering: A contrastive study of English and Swedish basic communication verbs (pp. 180-212)
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