Volume 1

Linguistics Beyond and Within 1 (2015)

From the Editors:


1. Aleksandra Bartczak-Meszyńska What makes you move? A minimalist study of object displacement in English Double Object Construction (pp. 6-24)
2. Maria Bloch-Trojnar Derivatives based on participles in Irish and Polish and the inflection–derivation distinction (pp. 25-42)
3. Anna Bondaruk A comparison of the modal dać się structure with the dispositional middle in Polish (pp. 43-63)
4. Gréte Dalmi Ad hoc properties and locations in Maltese (pp. 64-85)
5. Alexander Grosu and Ion Giurgea Selected aspects of amount relatives: The Romanian-English connection (pp. 86-103)
6. Agnieszka Grząśko On the semantic history of selected terms of endearment (pp. 104-118)
7. Ángel L. Jiménez-Fernández When focus goes wild: An empirical study of two syntactic positions for information focus (pp. 119-133)
8. Deak Kirkham Content with content: A content-based instruction approach to curriculum design and course assessment in academic English for business (pp. 134-151)
9. Kinga Lis Is there a method in this… madness? On variance between two manuscript copies of a Middle English Psalter (pp. 152-168)
10. Anna Malicka-Kleparska A case for two voices in Old Church Slavonic – reflexively marked OCS verbs (pp. 169-186)
11. Paul Meara Vocabulary research in 1983: A bibliometric analysis (pp. 187-198)
12. Elżbieta Sielanko-Byford The information status of Old English constructions with titles and proper names (pp. 199-217)
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