Top 5 most demanding and easy part time Job in Canada for International Students

The most exciting thing for international students in Canada is that they may easily find part-time work to help them manage their living expenses.

This article is for students in Canada who want to work part-time in order to increase their income. This post will provide you with a list of the best paying part-time jobs in Canada. You will also learn about the advantages of the jobs.


First and foremost, is it legal to work as an International Student in Canada? Work can be done both on and off campus. Before you begin, there are a few things you should be aware of.


You must first be a full-time international student. This means you’ll need present study permission. Second, you cannot begin working until you have completed your studies. Once your studies are over, you will need to apply for a work permit in order to continue.


During the academic year, international students can only work 20 hours per week, but they can work longer hours (up to full-time) during the holidays.


You shouldn’t be concerned about this because you’ll be in class for 15 to 20 hours per week. There is plenty of study time available outside of class. It would be wonderful to have some free time to rest, socialize, and enjoy life!


We’re now ready to move on to the list of highest-paying jobs.

Job Position Avarage Salary (CAD/Hour)
Bookkeeper $23-25
Nanny $14
Sales Assistant $12
Office Assistant $17-19
Programme Facilitator $23

How To Find The Best Part-Time Jobs For International Students And Make Money


It is critical for international students to work part-time and make money to survive. The top ten highest-paying jobs, as well as their incomes, are shown below.




Bookkeepers are in charge of monitoring daily banking operations. They keep track of transactions such as purchases, sales revenue, and invoices. In Canada, working as a bookkeeper is an excellent part-time career. Students must be able to manage their time well, be organized, and possess mathematical understanding.



As an international student, one of the most typical jobs is that of a nanny. If you enjoy working with children, this is the job for you. Nanny’s duties include caring for the children, scheduling their days, transporting them to school, and doing their washing.


Sales Representative

It’s an excellent job to have on weekends when the streets and cities fill up with consumers. You can work anyplace you like, including a small store, clothes boutique, or supermarket.


Although the compensation is competitive, sales assistants might earn minor commissions on each sale they complete.


Office Helper

Office assistants are in charge of overseeing office tasks such as filing, greeting visitors, taking and delivering messages, maintaining an inventory of office supplies, answering phones, scheduling meetings, and other responsibilities.


Facilitator of the Programme

A program facilitator reports directly to the program director or manager and is in charge of carrying out program initiatives, projects, curriculum, and other relevant responsibilities. Workshops, training, community service projects, outings/field trip exposures/tours, and other activities could all be part of a program. In Canada, you can also make a good living as a part-time worker.

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