Text rhythmic system: Its energetic and subliminal potentials

Alla Kalyta

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine

The article introduces scientific considerations concerning the energetic nature and origin of rhythm subliminal potential in a spoken text as well as the mechanisms of its impact on the recipient. The paper advances the idea that rhythm energetics and its subliminal potential is based on such postulates: (1) rhythm is generated in the speaker’s psyche at the levels of his/her unconscious (or existential being) and subconscious (or mental and transcendental beings) spheres; (2) the text rhythmic system has a definite emotional and pragmatic potentials that realize a latent manipulative and subliminal influence; (3) generation of the spoken text tempo-rhythm is carried out by means of integrating micro-rhythms of all levels of the speaker’s inner speech into the internal macro-rhythm, which is materialized in the form of an outer tempo-rhythm as a complex means of achieving a subliminal effect of speech. The article also outlines the prospects of studying a subliminal nature of rhythm.

rhythm, tempo-rhythm, energetic potential, mechanism of generation, subliminal influence

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Kalyta, Alla. 2016. Text rhythmic system: Its energetic and subliminal potentials. Linguistics Beyond and Within 2: 97-110. Online at: https://lingbaw.com/2016/Alla-Kalyta.

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