Current Volume

Linguistics Beyond and Within 3 (2017)


Some articles are still pending publication — the page numbers may change.

1. Dorota Chłopek ‘TAM’ in English constructions vs. Polish renditions — Selected transference pitfalls (pp. 20-36)
2. Anna Dąbrowska The locative syntax of Experiencers. The case study of phraseological units as psych-predicates (pp. 37-60)
3. Gréte Dalmi Little pro’s, but how many of them? — On 3SG null pronominals in Hungarian (pp. 61-73)
4. Lucyna Harmon Political discourse as practical reasoning: A case study of a British Prime Minister candidate speech (pp. 74-86)
5. Oleksandr Kapranov The use of metonymy and metaphor in descriptive essays by intermediate and advanced EFL students (pp. 87-101)
6. Katarzyna Karska and Ewelina Prażmo Didactic potential of metaphors used in medical discourse (pp. 102-116)
7. Judit Kleiber and Gábor Alberti Compositional analysis of interrogative imperatives in Hungarian (pp. 117-135)
8. Paul Meara A new beginning? A bibliometric analysis of L2 vocabulary research in 1985 (pp. 136-154)
9. Ewa Mioduszewska Relevance, ad hoc concepts and analogy (pp. 155-168)
10. Katarzyna Mroczyńska Verbal prefixation and realizations of antipassive alternations in Polish (pp. 169-186)
11. William J. Sullivan and Sarah Tsiang Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy: Can linguistic and semiotic analysis clarify their contrasts? (pp. 187-194)
12. Åke Viberg Finding a model for contrastive lexical semantics: A look at verbal communication verbs (pp. 195-215)
13. Victoria Yefymenko Text-image relationships in contemporary fairy tales (pp. 216-228)